Placemats – give to your table a touch of decoration

If you are one of those who do not plan to sit in the table without your own placemat, you will surely appreciate the possibility of being original when choosing the ones in your house. While a few years ago plastic laminated trivets were a very common solution to cover the entire tables of houses, more and more trends in decoration are more inclined to minimalism. Thus, individual placemats have gained ground to the classic tablecloths because they are a much more comfortable and fresh option and they give you more opportunities to combine them with the rest of the dining room decoration.

Not all tablecloths on the market are made to get the comfort of their diner guests, because there are cloths, which would not be impermeable and would be a bad idea for the conservation of the tables in your house. At Your Home Deco, we have created individual top-quality impermeable individual placemats so that they can be used over and over, comfortably both indoors and outdoors. In addition, thanks to its composition you can clean them easily with a damp cloth.

The revolutionary Digital printing technique achieves top-quality image results while using totally environmentally friendly inks.

Eating time can be boring, especially if we do not have company. However, the designs that we show you in this section will brighten your meals with individual placemats that will protect the table of stains and give it magic and modernity.

All the designs you will find in this section of placemats by Your Home Deco come in a pack of 4 units and have a standard size of 35 x 50 centimetres. If you want us to make personalized and trendy individual placemats, do not hesitate to contact us and we will make you a custom quote. We can play with shapes and colours so that we get the individual placemats you want. Work your imagination and make us a proposal that puts together your personal style in decoration.

Make your order of individual placemats in Your Home Deco and start dressing your tables with class and originality. Remember that we deliver your order within 1 to 2 weeks.

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