Light boxes – paintings that come to live

Light boxes are an original and totally revolutionary product in interior decoration. They are frames with aluminium structure that incorporate LED lighting system designed to highlight even more the colours and designs of the painting.

There are thousands of ways to decorate the walls of your house: wallpaper, vinyl, and paint … However, had you heard about the luminous paintings? Light boxes are the latest trend in home decoration and they have come to stay!

In Your Home Deco, we have them in different measures so that you can adapt them to any wall or corner of your house. It unleashes creativity and creates unique, elegant and above all, happy environments.

With our LED light boxes, you will get a 3D solution that will break the monotony of the monochrome walls of your house. And also, you will get an indirect point of light in that corner of the house.

Our LED light frames use environmentally friendly inks in their fabrics. The original and modern designs that you will find in our catalogue are printed in flame retardant fabrics sealed with silicone on the aluminium profile of its structure.

Like any other type of painting, light boxes can be hung on the wall with simple nails. You only have to think about having a space where to place the transformer of flask of the LED system if the box of light chosen is of 30 mm of thickness, since the ones of 100 mm can hide it inside.

Let yourself be carried by our wide catalogue of designs of decorative light boxes and if you do not find the one you like, ask without commitment a custom quote with your request for custom design.

Place your order now and be the first of your friends to decorate your walls with our light boxes!

We deliver your order within 1 to 2 weeks and with no shipping costs! What are you waiting for to renovate the walls of the house?

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