The last trends in interior decoration with Your Home Deco

Tired of always seeing the same finishes? Do the rooms in your home need a touch of modernity without losing its essence? Do you want to add a style tint in an original and creative way? The world of decoration evolves at a dizzying speed and the new trends share the stage with traditional proposals, gaining supporters and offering fun solutions to projects with a lot of personality.

In Your Home Deco, they are aware of the need to meet the demand of a constantly evolving market and, for that reason, they are committed to combining their knowledge in digital printing technology with decoration and interior design. How Basically, through a selection of proposals that cover both well-known decorative vinyls, wall papers or individual tablecloths, to more novel ones such as light boxes, magazines or bins.

Ready to learn a new way to impress with the decoration of your interiors? Welcome to a tour of inspiration!

For all ages

Any scenario you imagine is capable of being decorated with tailor made products, both in terms of dimensions, as well as in motifs or patterns. Decorative vinyls are a coating that, increasingly, you see the walls of children’s bedrooms spread all over the world. Its versatility makes it a perfect resource to personalize each stay with designs adapted to the particular tastes of parents and children.

In short, it’s about fun decorating the walls of your home, as you can see in this proposal from Your Home Deco based on clouds and children’s motifs.

A positive philosophy

Break the monotony without doing the same with your budget. That is what you will get if you bet on the placement of a decorative vinyl. Not only will you give a touch of personality to the chosen room but also, you will do it with style. The proposals are as varied as they can and, in general, they adapt to the specific needs of each space. Geometric designs, stars, children’s motifs or inspirational phrases can decorate your walls by placing yourself in the place to place them thanks to the materials in which they are manufactured. Of course, try to choose a smooth surface to achieve the best effect. Walls, windows, furniture, appliances? You decide!

Original accessories

Creativity only finds limits on the imagination, and that of our Professionals from Your Home Deco is always at full capacity. Its constant search for attractive designs that incorporate elements that are part of the interior decoration gives great results. Among them we find the magazine racks, a piece that, in contrast to the traditional one of its contribution to the functionality of the spaces, is presented in contemporary finishes and full of appeal.

Choose yours

A detailed view of the proposal with the unmistakable seal of Your Home Deco allows you to appreciate the level of detail of these magazines. Presented on models Magazine, Skyline, News, Dream or Books, they all fit perfectly as part of the decoration of any room, whether the living room, a hallway, the bedroom or even the bathroom. If you decide for one of them, you have to know that you will receive it in your own house, yes, in the flat but in an open and closed eye that will not take you more than five minutes, you will be ready to add charm to the decoration of your home

Charm details

Attention to detail is one of the cornerstones on which the work of the professionals of Your Home Deco is based. This philosophy of care taken to the extreme allows not only great design experts but also with the best materials and machinery, a sum of factors that adds value to the final product. The creation of spaces based on the user’s satisfactory experience is the ultimate goal of the contribution of this company to the interior decoration.

Technology at the service of decoration

The digital printing technology used by our experts means that the final product offers an enviable and attractive image quality to be placed in the most unsuspected places. Do you imagine being able to customize the accessories of your office to give it a unique look with the best qualities? Stop dreaming, in Your Home Deco know how to do it. 

All are advantages

Flower motifs, of marine inspiration, geometric patterns, moles, trival … Do you need more options? Surely, your office or your children’s study hall acquires a new dimension incorporating details such as these litter bins. This and other products available in Your Home Deco are just the result of merging the advantages of the digital printing world with interior decoration. Its most immediate consequences: image quality, versatility in materials and respect for the environment due to the absence of stocks and, consequently, the reduction of the volume of waste.

At the forefront of design

The origins of Your Home Deco in the commercial digital printing sector define your product offerings. The quality of finishes and materials adds to the uniqueness of their proposals, this fact, which translates into the possibility of having the ability to print from one unit to thousands or, which is the same, there are no limits to the designs they offer . Decorative vinyls, wallpaper or customized accessories add new elements such as light boxes (which are a tendency in decoration and interior design), printed leafs or individual tablecloths, a variety that evokes the richness and versatility of its offer.


Ever since they began to be used, back in the 17th century, until its time of splendor in the 60’s or 70’s of the last century, with its consequent popularized incursion into the universe of decoration, wallpapers have experienced a constant evolution that the It has taken us to our days. The recovery of this type of cladding does not escape the talents of the professionals of Your Home Deco that offer cutting-edge and sophisticated solutions for all tastes.

A model for each environment

The ease of installation and maintenance makes the painted wall paper a perfect way to provide a unique personality to your surroundings. The Digital Latex technology, used by Your Home Deco, makes of its proposed hygienic, resistant and eco-friendly designs that are presented as pre-filled papers ready for a DIY style placement (Do it yourself). However, its technical characteristics are accompanied by a myriad of models, among which you will find modern, vintage, realistic and even personalized designs. What’s yours?.

Let yourself be seduced

Whatever the idea you have in mind to decorate the interior of your home, the digital printing technology used by your Home Deco professionals is a perfect starting point to find the proposal that best suits your needs. Customizing designs, reducing production times and printing on demand are just some of the attractions offered by this brand that is determined to revolutionize your concept of interior decoration. Do you aim to change? And you, with which of all your Home Deco proposals do you stay?


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