Tools needed for the installation of wallpaper

Wallpapering is a lot easier with ready-pasted products and all you need in your toolkit is a sponge, a soft felt squeegee (not hard rubber), a water sprayer, a large water tray, and the usual straight edge, pencil and sharp knife.

You are also going to need some sort of waterproof, decorators floor protection that can deal with the water based installation process.

Attached we detail which are the necessary tools for the installation of wall paper:

  • Waterproof material to protect the floor of the room or wall where you want to apply the material.
  • Stepladder.
  • Pencil.
  • Scissors.
  • Sponge.
  • Spatula (you can use the one that comes inside the box).
  • Measuring tape.
  • Sharp knife.
  • Spirit level.
  • Worktable.
  • Water tray (you can use our packaging as a tray by coating it with the plastic we supply from Your Home Deco).

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