Wallpaper: step by step

How to install wallpaper: step-by-step

Step 1. Prepare the wall

First of all, you need to clear all the furniture and other obstructions on the work area. As well, you need to prepare the workspace, as you will be working with quite a bit of water so protect the floor with a waterproof material and ensure that there are no electrical hazards.

Walls need to be smooth and free from dirt, dust and grease. Uneven surfaces will show!

Step 2. Wallpaper installation: measuring up

When you are ready to install, it is worth spending a little time to plan the best way to install your particular job.

There is usually an obvious first drop dictated by the design of the image (such as a logo panel), or a corner in the space that is less prominent when the finished installation is viewed.

Once you’ve chosen your first drop location, start by measuring that part of the wall using the first wallpaper drop as a guide and draw a “plumb line” to ensure that every wallpaper drop from there on is aligned vertically.

Step 3. Wallpaper installation: The wallpaper tray

Fill a large wallpaper trough with enough clean, tepid water to cover a single roll.

Our wallpaper packaging can become a fantastic tray by placing the inner box inside its up-turned lid to create a reinforced double cardboard tray, then, you can fully enclose that reinforced box tray with the supplied plastic into the open box area (ensuring that the box is fully covered) to form a large water tray!

Once you have made your water tray, fill a bucket with tepid water and pour it into the plastic sealed tray with enough water to cover a single roll.

If you wish, you can just use a water sprayer to wet the paper, but we recommend using both the tray and water sprayer as it is quicker and offers more control, and you will active 100% of the glue.

Step 4. Wallpaper installation: Just add water

Immerse the first drop into the tray and agitate it so that the water gets to the whole surface.

Once sufficiently wet, slowly pull the drop up from the water (letting the excess water run off) and then lay it (image site down) onto your protected floor area, or onto your worktable.

Step 5. Wallpaper installation: Booking

Take the top of the drop and gently fold in into the center with pasted sides together, then do the same to the bottom of the drop. Allow the wallpaper to relax and (book) for a short time while you prepare and measure up the next drop.

By allowing the paper to relax by “booking”, there is less likelihood of air bubbles remaining and seams shrinking once the wallpaper dries on the wall – it also helps with positioning the design on the wall.

Step 6. Wallpaper installation: Apply & smooth

Unfold just the top half of your “booked” paper to begin applying your first wallpaper drops onto the wall. When positioned correctly, smooth out gently from the center to remove any air bubbles.

Do not over work whilst smoothing, but ensure that the edges are stuck firmly to the wall. This is where the water sprayer can come in handy if you need to re-wet the edges. Also use the spatula to apply the wallpaper.

While applying the wallpaper, you can use the spatula and the sponge, but clean them up frequently as they could be full of glue.


To remove the wallpaper, wet each drop thoroughly using a water sprayer and sponge until the paste has been reactivated. Then, test if the wallpaper is loosened at the edges and gently peel each drop of the wall.

Sponge the wall with water to clean off any paste that may remain.

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